A Very 2020 Holiday Season: Make it Tasty Delco-Style

Although we were hoping to write a different blog in late fall 2020, we can’t ignore the fact that navigating the holidays during the pandemic is going to be a bit challenging and, well, a bit disconcerting if you’re used to a giant family gathering. State and CDC guidelines seem to be changing by the minute, but there’s one thing that we all can count on: You don’t mess with Delco-tough. We may have to shrink the size of our gatherings, video chat with loved ones near and far, or even take it outside, if Mother Nature is willing to play. But we will not let anything break our holiday spirit!

Here are a few foodie ways to keep it festive, keep it fun and keep it home. Remember when a “staycation” wasn’t a thing? Now it’s par for the course, and we’re embracing it with good food and drink. 

Give Thanks for Leftovers

Let’s start with the pro tip: Get the bigger turkey (or ham or vegan feast), even if it’s just the two of you. The Thanksgiving meal has sentimental value, and you’ll appreciate having extra for traditional leftovers, such as two-fisted sandwiches stuffed with fixings, hearty soups and stick-to-your-ribs casseroles. You’ll also have enough to explore next-level leftover recipes. Last, but not least this year, leftovers also will give you the opportunity to share a platter or two with someone who couldn’t get home for the holidays — in a masked up, socially distant way, of course!

Cheers to You

Your table may be small this year for November and December holidays but you can still knock it out of the park with wine and beer pairings. Even if pairings haven’t been your jam — up until now! — there’s no reason you can’t experiment to make the season extra-merry. No matter what you celebrate now through New Year’s, you’ll find just the right libation to go with a myriad of food choices. Pro tip: Share the pairings with friends and family, then arrange a video chat time (or times, to hit everyone) and show off your best efforts and favorite pairings as you wish your loved ones the very best.

Make it a ‘Staycation’

Ironically, we’d made this suggestion last New Year’s Eve; we’d have thrown out that crystal ball if we’d known what was in store just a few months later! Still, the sentiment rings true as you ring in the New Year with some of Delco’s best year-end takeout. We’ve got you covered, from simply to snazzy. Pro tip: Call to check availability and ordering windows, especially this year, when so many people are doing takeout.

Source Locally

As you consider your holiday meals, remember Delco’s family grocers and specialty markets. Smaller businesses have been hit the hardest and welcome your support. Plus, there’s nothing like dealing with a mom-and-pop shop, especially around the holidays, and certainly when you’re looking for that unique food your mom-mom used to serve. If it’s in your budget, remember those experiencing food insecurity this holiday season. You can search for a local food pantry to donate to, or to visit if you need some assistance, too.


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Nina Malone

Photos: Pexels