Noel Coward's Private Lives
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July 2019

They’re divorced.  They’re honeymooning with new spouses.  And they’re staying in adjacent rooms at the same hotel. What could possibly go wrong?

Noel Coward was in the middle of an Asian tour when he contracted influenza and spent the better part of his two-week convalescence writing the play. He sent Gertrude Lawrence the script and in return, received no fewer than 30 telegrams from Lawrence who commented that there was “nothing wrong with it that can’t be fixed.”  Coward wired back curtly that “the only thing that was going to be fixed was her performance.”

Over the years, the play has been performed by the likes of Lawrence Olivier, Richard Burton, Alan Rickman, Tallulah Bankhead and Elizabeth Taylor. Don’t miss this high camp romantic comedy, performed impeccably by JESSICA DALCANTON as SIBYL CHASE – JARED REED as ELYOT CHASE –ADAM ALTMAN as VICTOR PRYNNE –JENNIFER SUMMERFILED as AMANDA PRYNNE.