America’s Garden Capital

April 2020

Just because we’re home, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy spring!

Delaware County lies in the heart of America’s Garden Capital:  36 gardens within 30 miles.  If you have a front or backyard, a little pruning and weeding can help ease Cabin Fever and spruce up your outdoor spaces.  In the meantime, meander through two of our famous garden websites:

 Stoneleigh: A Natural Garden, is Delco’s newest garden.  It is a 42-acre property in Villanova, that literally had to fight for its life during the first year it was open. Read about its successful battle with forces seeking its takeover via eminent domain!

Scott Arboretum, the famous Campus Home of Swarthmore College is always listed at or near the top of America’s most beautiful Colleges.  Explore Scott’s intimate, authentic, and accessible horticultural experiences –Take a Virtual Tour!