Celebrate Delco’s “Year of the Mill”

August 2019

In the 17th & 18th Centuries our young nation’s pioneer spirit took the country down two paths – one led people West, and one path sparked America’s Industrial Revolution!  Our state and county, which would both play a pivotal role in our nation’s first Revolution – were also at the heart of its second: the development and use of power-driven machinery to produce food products, textiles and ammunition. Delco was home to thriving mills in each of those industries and more!

  • At Newlin Grist MillA Lecture: Down Under the Old Mill Stream – August 10th, 4 pm: Maryland State Underwater Archaeologist Susan Langley will give a talk on mills from a maritime archaeology perspective, including boat mills, the earliest known tide mill, and fulling mills that predate the Industrial Revolution. $10, members $6.   Newlin is also featuring a major “Mills of Delaware County” Exhibit that is available to view now through the end of the year.
  • Mills of Newtown Township – An Exhibit: Paper Mill House – Saturdays in August, 1-4pm: The area around the Paper Mill House was the 19th Century version of an industrial park, featuring wood, flour, textile, and paper mills. See recreated rooms from millworkers’ homes and explore mill ruins.
  • Mills of Haverford TownshipAn Exhibit: Nitre Hall Open House – August 25th & Sept. 29th 10am-1pm – all Tuesdays 10am-2pm: Powder Mill Valley was a center of manufacturing. Early grist and saw mills were followed by powder and textile mills. Exhibit includes a model of the Mill Valley and artifacts.

A brochure featuring all of Delaware County, Pennsylvania’s mill history, events lectures, and exhibits is available now at the Visit Delco, PA Welcome Center in Rose Tree Park.