MOBY DICK Surfaces at Hedgerow

March 2019

Two inches of American oak are all that lie between you and the bottom of the sea. Just five inches of sharpened iron protect you from the crush of a behemoth’s tail. What — or who — could make you turn away from easy profit and follow the pull to greatness…while staring into the jaws of death?

One of the most dramatic, intense and powerful stories of all time, Melville’s MOBY DICK will keep you on the edge of your seat at Hedgerow Theatre starting March 20th.  Adapted by Hedgerow and directed by Kittson O’Neill, this moving production roars onto the stage with eight actors who, with only a few objects, will create Melville’s world of ships and taverns and storms and coffins.

Don’t miss this fresh and inventive production of a literary classic!  Decide for yourself if Ahab has crossed the line into madness in his pursuit of the white whale, Moby Dick.  Preview tickets are $20, and regular ticket prices are $20 to $37 dollars.  For more information visit: Hedgerow Theatre’s Website: Moby Dick page

Hedgerow Theatre
64 Rose Valley Rd, Media, PA 19063