Take your Valentine to an Exotic Orchid Perfumery!

February 2020

Give your special Valentine a bouquet of flowers…then take him or her to a place where flowers, like love, bloom all year round! Delco is lucky to have one of the most famous gardens in the world, in our own backyard – so come and explore while it’s dressed in its very orchid best!

This year’s breathtaking display is all about how opposites attract, with beautifully balanced results. Bold strokes of color and texture abound throughout Longwood’s Conservatory creating an indoor paradise of whimsy and warmth. From the bottom of the indoor ponds, to the soaring galaxies of orchids hanging from the ceiling, the Conservatory is transformed into a sea of golden Oncidium …swirls of salmon Phalaenopsis … and a tapestry of vibrant Vanda. See for yourself why this intoxicating orchid event continues to draw and inspire thousands of visitors, year after year.

Then Take a Crisp Winter Walk with Someone you Love…

Outdoors, Longwood’s color palette is less exotic. It is more a blend of bark browns and beiges with dramatic silhouettes of majestic trees, softened by the graceful bent of delicate grasses. And like all budding relationship, the soul of the subdued winter landscape hints of new seasons to come. Winter photo by Onlyinyourstate.com. Read more about the Orchids, Hours, and Admission Prices