Go 'Wilde' over this New Show!

April 2019

What could be more entertaining than seeing a wily bachelor trying to win over a rich and beautiful young woman?  A pair of scoundrels and two desirable ladies!

Watching men make fools of themselves over women never gets old…especially when it’s a wildly funny romp by Oscar Wilde!

Villanova Theatre presents The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde’s most enduringly popular play, April 2nd through the 14th. Directed by Theatre Department Chairperson Dr. Valerie Joyce,this is a chance to lose yourself in the witty, wicked adventures of love!  (Somebody else’s for a change 😉

Set in Victorian England, a pair of bachelors masquerade as respectable gentlemen to court the attentions of two well-dowried ladies. Gallant Jack and irreverent Algernon invent “Ernest” alter-egos to win the hearts of Cecily and Gwendolen, each of whom conveniently claims she’ll only marry a man by that name. When all four arrive at Jack’s country home, the men struggle to keep up with their stories as their plans go hilariously awry. With its witty wordplay, caustic commentary and blistering banter, Earnest is a riotously funny farce for the ages.