Plant Yourself in a Garden!

July 2019

Located in the heart of America’s Garden Capital (36 Gardens within 30 miles), we invite you to take a seat in one of our gardens! Let Mother Nature paint you a picture with rich earthy colors, scents and sounds.   She literally throws down a carpet of green, and then conducts a symphony of plants, trees, shrubs, grubs, flowers, bees and all things beautiful  from mature forests and plantings to new ones bursting up or out for the first time!

Come discover your favorite garden!  Here are a few places to consider:

  • Chanticleer offers an escape from the rush of everyday life and a place where one can still feel like a personal guest of the family.  Once known chiefly for its majestic trees and verdant lawns, today has an Alice-in-Wonderland appeal that blends whimsical plant combinations with petite specialty gardens.  There’s a Tea Cup Garden, Ruin Garden, and an elevated walkway overlooking many other gardens.
  • Tyler Arboretum is a place of natural beauty and history dating back to the time of William Penn. One of the oldest arboreta in the country, Tyler encompasses 650 acres of renowned plant collections, heritage and champion trees, historic buildings and 17 miles of hiking trails. Children’s activities include themed hikes, crafts, and life-sized tree houses to explore.  Don’t miss the newest exhibit, Gateways to Nature, where local artists ‘frame’ Tyler’s landscapes with original works.
  • The Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College is considered one of the most beautiful College Campuses in America! Located just 11 miles from Philadelphia, Scott is an idyllic 425-acre arboretum featuring rolling hills, flowering trees, and hiking trails.  There are fun sculptures, oversized chairs and a stunning forest amphitheater where you may find students studying or visitors just soaking up the stillness. Take a guided or self-guided tour of its extensive plant collections that numbers more than 4,000 plant varieties!
  • Stoneleigh is a place with deep roots… from its towering trees and lauded landscape architecture, to its heritage and community connections. It is currently a garden in transition from a beloved family home to a new public garden.  Willed to Natural Lands to protect and manage the property, it was soon challenged by a school district looking to claim the land under Eminent Domain…but led by Natural Lands, and fiercely supported by environmentalists, thousands of volunteers, petition-signers and supporters, the challenge was beaten down just last year! With renewed vigor this indomitable garden has become a true beauty and a ‘must see’ visit.