When was the Last Time you Got to Play like a Kid?

February 2020

Actually, when was the last time your kids played for hours without a device in their hand?

Let’s face it, 2020 is not only a brand new year – it’s a brand new decade! So grab the family (children 10 and older) or a group of friends and do something new and different that’s fun, crazy, and memorable. The Camp’s goal is to provide ‘a next level’ experience that combines entertainment and sport, all under one roof – and this place doesn’t disappoint!

Located in Boothwyn, Adventureland’s indoor 80’s style campground is the perfect place to give this sport a try. It’s very similar to darts…only with axes. Adventureland’s Camp Counselors will teach you the basics of how to throw and then you get to compete against each other – and that’s when the axes really fly! You’ll be hitting the bullseye in no time at all. Hopefully 😉

But in addition to providing a fun, friendly and most importantly safe environment for people to get out, be active, socialize, and learn a new skill – they are reviving a sport that has a long and honorable history. (Yes, it is a sport, and there are actually competitions all across the country!) Competitve Axe Throwing

But There’s More…

Camp Adventureland can also take you to ancient Aztec ruins…or to a Mobster’s Speakeasy…or many other places via Escape the Room Adventures where you’re lured into incredibly immersive interactive games. Pursue the “Search for the Jade Skull” like the group pictured here – or bring a gang and plan a party!

You can even have a Corporate Axe Throwing event! (Bosses beware…) Just sayin’. Camp Adventureland