Dracula, The Bloody Truth

August 2019

This summer has been bloody hot!  But that’s just the beginning…

Starting August 14th, Hedgerow Theatre invites you to come inside, out of the sun…where Professor Abraham Van Helsing, MD, D.Ph., etc., of Amsterdam wants to warn you about the dangers of vampires and how to deal with one if the situation arises.

Hedgerow Theatre’s production of Le Navet Bete’s (literal translation “The Stupid Turnip”), Dracula, The Bloody Truth is a new sizzling comedy that will take you on a journey across Europe from the dark and sinister Transylvanian mountains to the awkwardly charming seaside town of Whitby whilst the frantic Van Helsing and his three amateur actors try to stage a life-changing, factual theatrical production of the events of Dracula.

So, if you like the humor of Monty Python – and who doesn’t? – book your tickets now – because Dracula: The Bloody Truth promises to have the vampires back in the ground and leave audiences flying high. Show ends Sept. 15th