Media Theatre Presents:

August 2019

That’s right!  The Media Theatre is bringing to life (literally) this deliciously goofy reincarnation story that will have you laughing out loud and humming along!

Opening August 8th, get your tickets now to see how four male singers, killed in a car crash on their way to their first concert, literally make the biggest ‘comeback’ in musical history! Campy and fun, “the boys are back in town” with right-on patter that will crack you up between performances of well-loved pop songs of the 50s, performed with those signature harmonies.  Expect to hear Love is a Many Splendored Thing, Three Coins in the Fountain, Heart and Soul, Sixteen Tons and countless other show-stopping favorites.

Forever Plaid is the funniest concert you’ll see this summer and everybody will be talking about this August-only stage experience! Get Tickets Here.