‘Cave in’ to the cold! Get warm and cozy at a lecture about human & animal fascination with caves – Saturday, January 25th.

January 2020

Delco is located in the heart of what is called The America’s Garden Capital: 36 Gardens within 30 Miles. And even in winter, residents and visitors can take part in amazing garden tours, lectures and workshops at many of our gardens and arboretums.

A Winter Celebration: Adventures Above and Below Ground is a cool lecture that takes place at the Inn at Swarthmore from 4 to 7pm. Come in from the cold and enjoy a pre-lecture cocktail or glass of wine with friends. Then learn how caves have been used by people and animals for thousands of years for shelter, burials, religious ceremonies, links to the underworld, and art with Thomas Hawkins. He has explored caves all over the world, and worked as a forester and botanist in Nepal, Honduras, and Oxford, England.

Hawkins’ enthusiasm is contagious as he brings a sense of adventure, exploration, and fun to his talk about the exploration of Caves. He’ll share personal stories from his caving expeditions to Guatemala, Borneo, Hawaii, Mexico, and Kyrgyzstan. Come and engage in great conversation with tasty hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar featuring wine, beer, and cocktails.

Register online or call 610-328-8025

Then bundle up for one of Scott’s famous mid-day Winter Highlight Tours – Tuesday, January 28th.

Scott Arboretum is the famous garden campus of Swarthmore College.

Pictured here is a dual photo showing the arboretum’s natural amphitheater in both summer and winter. The entire garden experience is unique depending on the season.

  • In summer the senses are bombarded by dazzling colors and lush floral scents mixed with earthy notes of the soil. Each step is soft and pillowy, like walking on a plush carpet of green.
  • In winter, the colors mute, the air gets crisp and would be almost scentless without scattered evergreens holding fast to their color and perfume. The ground is crispy underfoot, and even though there’s a silence to gardens in winter, it’s as if they are holding their breath…waiting for spring to exhale again.

This outdoor winter tour shares that experience through the eyes and expertise of a seasoned Scott Arboretum staff guide. It is geared for gardeners of all levels, from beginner to expert. In the event of inclement weather, the tour will be canceled. For more information, please call the Scott Arboretum offices at 610-328-8025. The tour is free, and takes place from noon to 1pm.