Top Ten Winter Activities for Delco, PA

Whether you are a snow enthusiast or prefer the warmth of indoor festivities, Delco has something for everyone during the winter months. Check out our list of winter activities sure to make you forget all about winter’s chill. 

Wintry Walks

With nearly 200+ miles of trails, thousands of acres of county park land, a state park, national wildlife refuge, and numerous gardens and arboretums, it’s easy to connect with nature in Delco. Whether you are an experienced hiker, nature lover, or a casual walker, you’ll find many places to explore, get some fresh air, and exercise.  Check out the Delco Trail Mix and find the perfect spot to begin your outdoor adventure.


Take A Gallery Tour

Several of Delco’s local art centers – Aston Mills Arts, Chester Cultural Arts & Technology CenterCommunity Arts Center, Main Line Art Center, MAC (Media Arts Council),  and Wayne Art Center to name a few –  are open to the public. Visitors are invited to escape the muted grays and whites of winter’s monochromatic canvas and of immerse themselves in a rich and colorful tapestry of visual expressions, ranging from paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations.

Ice Skating

Delight in the winter season by exploring both indoor and outdoor ice-skating options. Delco’s indoor rinks – IceWorks, Haverford’s Skatium, and Springfield Ice Skating Rink –  offer climate-controlled environments, allowing families to enjoy the thrill of gliding on ice without braving the chilly temperatures.  Flight on Ice’s Energy Transfer Veteran’s Memorial Rink, Delco’s only outdoor rink, brings a touch of magic to the season, allowing families to skate amidst the crisp winter air and picturesque surroundings.

Support Our Local Wineries & Breweries

As the temperatures drop, there’s a special charm in sipping on a glass of locally crafted wine or beer in the cozy ambiance of a nearby winery or brewery. Many of these establishments offer seasonal delights, from rich red wines to hearty winter ales, creating a perfect pairing with the crisp air and snowy landscapes.


Sledding is a thrilling winter activity that brings joy to people of all ages. Whether on a traditional wooden sled or a modern plastic one, the simple pleasure of speeding down a snowy hill is a timeless winter tradition. Delco boasts an array of thrilling sledding hills that cater to all ages and skill levels.  Read more about  our favorite sledding spots in our Delco’s Top Five Sledding Hills blog.

Enjoy Live Music

Whether it’s an acoustic set, a local band’s gig, or an emerging artist’s showcase, Delco’s live music venues are a cozy refuge from the cold.  From dimly lit bars hosting local bands to historic clubs featuring emerging artists, settle in and immerse yourself in the warmth and joy of a live performance.   Explore some our favorite places here.

Reach for the Stars

Widener University opens their observatory  for public star-gazing sessions on Monday and Friday evenings.   Guests get to use a 16-inch computerized Meade Cassegrain reflecting telescope and several smaller 12-inch ones too. The sky is truly the limit of what you will see: planets, stars, nebulae, clusters and galaxies all become so close you think you can reach out and grab them.

Catch a Show

As winter’s chill settles in, Delco’s theaters emerge as warm havens of entertainment, offering a respite from the biting cold outside. The cozy ambiance, coupled with the magic of the stage, allows audiences to temporarily leave the frosty weather behind and lose themselves in the artistry of actors, musicians, and dancers. Whether it’s a heartwarming play, a lively musical, or a classical performance, our theaters offer a refuge where the winter blues melt away.

Find Some Culinary Comfort

Winter brings with it a delightful opportunity to savor comfort foods that warm both the body and the soul.  Whether it’s a steaming bowl of soup, a plate of macaroni & cheese, or a piping hot cup of coffee, Delco is the perfect place to indulge in hearty dishes that evoke a sense of coziness and nostalgia.

Book a Cozy Getaway

Booking a stay at one of Delco’s cozy bed and breakfasts is an invitation to embrace the charm and warmth of a home away from home. These properties offer a wealth of amenities that promise relaxation, indulgence, and a refuge from the chilly winter temperatures.


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