4 of Aunt Mary Pat’s Favorite Delco Eats

She’s everyone’s favorite aunt — and we were lucky enough to get few minutes of her time after her second shift at the grocery store. We were curious … what does Aunt Mary Pat Disabatino like to eat? Read on as she keeps it real and dishes on four of her favorite Delco haunts.

Destination Delco: Thanks so much for squeezing us in after a long work shift. How are you doing?

Photo courtesy of @auntmarypat

Aunt Mary Pat: At least it wasn’t a 12-hour. Those are the worst. What can I do you for, hun?

DD: Why do you like to go out to eat in Delco?

AMP: Simple: There are so many hidden gems to eat at in Delco. And I hate cooking, like, 75 percent of the time, so I love going out to eat. The eats are so good in Delco!

DD: How often do you go out to eat?

AMP: Me and Uncle Lar usually eat out six days a week. Now that the kids are gone, we like getting out.

Photo courtesy of PJW Restaurant Group

DD: We know you love the Birds. What’s your favorite nosh when those Iggles are playing?

AMP: Well, youse all know I love my wings and nachos. You gotta have something to chew on, cuz sometimes those games are nail-biters! P.J.’s in Newtown Square has the best bites and something for everyone — even those fancy-dancy craft beers that my son, Paulie, loves.

DD: You’re really busy taking care of your daughter, Kelly, shopping at Kohl’s … so many things! Where do you grab a bite on the run?

AMP: DiConstanza in Marcus Hook, hun! Quick service, always delicious, best hoagies around. Didja know there’s a rumor the hoagie was invented at DiCostanza like 90 years ago? That’s right, hun — here in Delco.

DD: Where do you go for special occasions?

Photo courtesy of chef Chris Posse

AMP: Whether it’s Valentime’s Day, or me and Uncle Lar’s anniversary, or even a birfday, we get a little dressed up and go to The Porch at The Lamb — right, Springfield? It’s a beautyful place. I can have my fancy-dancy French onion soup and lobster ravioli and Uncle Lar can get his cheesesteak egg rolls and fish and chips. Don’t forget dessert — no complainin’!

DD: What’s something that’s totally Delco that should be on everyone’s bucket list?

Photo courtesy of Pica’s Restaurant

AMP: Youse guys gotta try Pica’s in Upper Darby! It’s a Delco staple. Rectangle pizza, sauce on top, hun. Yup, the cheese is under the sauce. Crispy on the edges, too. There’s nothin’ like it!

DD: Any other aunty advice?

AMP: Eat local, hun. Our small businesses are the best. You can keep your city restaurants. I don’t care what nobody says: The best food is in Delco!

Photo courtesy of Alexander John Photography

Want to dine like Aunt Mary Pat? Here ya go, hun:

P.J. Whelihan’s Pub + Restaurant, 4803 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, (610) 848-4100.

Pica’s Restaurant, 7803 West Chester Pike, Upper Darby, (610) 789-7770.

DiCostanza Sandwich, 1930 Market St., Marcus Hook, (610) 494-3616.

The Porch at The Lamb, 865 W. Springfield Rd, Springfield, (610) 544-3300.

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Nina Malone