Delco Profile: Deliciously Creative Gina Carruth Wows with Charcuterplease Boards

Many of us picked up “hobbies” during the 2020 pandemic-related quarantine, from binge-watching classic TV shows to obsessively cleaning our closets, online gaming to the weekly family Zoom. One Clifton Heights native decided to indulge her passions and create a thriving business!

We caught up with Gina Carruth, the talent behind Charcuterplease, to find out why and how she started making and selling unique foodscapes that go beyond cheese and meat.

How did you develop your love for food and creative expression?

It’s always been around since I was little! To this day, I remember fondly growing up in an Italian household where food was always the epicenter of our Sundays and evening routines! My grandmother was an artist and will always be my inspiration, so continuing to remember her through food and creativity will always be a part of my life.

What do you do besides beautiful cheese and charcuterie boards?

I’m a kindergarten teacher, so when I’m not building boards I’m building minds! I graduated from Neumann University in 2014 with a B.A. in elementary education and in March 2021 with a M.S. in curriculum and instruction — with a 4.0!

Why turn to boards when you found you had pandemic-related time on your hands?

I love the beauty in them and the surprise! It’s been so much fun bringing my girlfriends together for a wine night and sampling different cheeses and add ons. Everyone told me other people would love them, so it just seemed to be the way to go.

How do boards of cheeses, meats and other delights bring people together?

I say: “Sharing is caring!” With the world the way it is now, I find that it’s incredibly important to sit together for a meal. The joy and excitement that these trays bring to a crowd helps conversations grow, and memories to form.

How do you come up with the combinations — including candy, cakes, toys and flowers?

I love themed boards — it’s what I do best! I love creating that wow factor and the initial reaction from my customers when they see it. I try to make something unlike anyone else has made. The teacher in me will always put the little toys and trinkets in the mix, plus I love a good sweet add-on to any type of board. Playing with color is always fun, and the themes keep it entertaining and engaging. 

What’s been your favorite board (so far!) to make?

My favorite board to date was the Mickey Mouse board. That board took hours and hours of planning! There are dozens of hidden mickeys throughout ,and the flavors and colors tie in to everyone’s favorite mouse.

Besides sampling the ingredients, what does your husband think of your new venture?

I met my husband when I was 17 years old at an Applebee’s, and the rest is history. He was my prom date and has always been my everything! We got engaged at Love Park in December 2015, and we were married in August 2017.  We just recently celebrated 11 years together I’m proud to say he is my first, only, and forever love! He’s always been supportive of Charcuterplease and helps with shopping, pick-ups and deliveries.

Do you have any kids or fur babies?

The reason that I started Charcuterplease was to start a family. Right after our wedding 2017, we began trying to have kids. Three years later, we finally sought help from a fertility specialist. Six failed treatments later, we were referred to in vitro fertilization. This business is my effort to afford the procedure and create my dream family! My fur baby is my pain in the butt German shepherd labrador mix Coco! We adopted her in 2017, and our house has not been quiet since. She definitely lets me know when our pick-ups are here.

Charcuterplease is a creative venture, so do you have time for any hobbies?

I love crafting, reading and visiting anything historical; it’s an obsession. In fact, my wedding was Great Gatsby themed! 

Photo by Adrienne Matz Photography

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All photos courtesy of Charcuterplease