Delco Profile: Must-Try Custom Decorated Cookies by Pomp + Splendor by Chrissy

When a licensed cottage bakery based in Media describes its bounty as “bespoke luxury cookies that look amazing and taste amazing, too,” then you take a second to look! Warning: Don’t scroll Christine Pascua-Povey’s Pomp + Splendor by Chrissy’s Insta when you’re hungry, because that description of her custom creations is spot on.

We managed to steal a few minutes of Pascua-Povey’s time, no small task between her full-time job and her cookie business. Read on to learn not only how she learned to bake and decorate, but how the 2020 quarantine spurred her on to create Pomp + Splendor.

Photo by NaBrayah Jones


How did you end up with this amazing skill?

I grew up in New York and was very lucky to be a part of a large Filipino family. Cooking and baking were central to our extended family gatherings and celebrations. Creativity was something my parents really fostered in me and my three sisters: My mom always set time aside for us to do crafts together, and my dad is a natural artist and illustrator. That led me to learn many different skills over the years. If you name a craft or niche, chances are, I’ve probably tried it! 

How did you translate those artistic skills into beautiful cookies?

Having knowledge and experience in different creative niches is very helpful when it comes to decorating cookies. My experience with calligraphy, graphic design, decorating and color theory certainly adds to my abilities and art. My love for decorating events and planning celebrations has also influenced my work and the way I will approach a design set for my clients.

How are you doing this and working full-time?

I currently work as a hospital administrator for one of the best hospitals in the country. Being on top of both businesses is really challenging and there are certainly tough days and weeks. I try to keep a clear vision of what motivates my creative business to make sure I’m making the right decisions. For me, Pomp + Splendor is a creative outlet and that allows me to set boundaries for both of my roles. Decorating is also relaxing for me and allows me to focus on the art and disconnect from the day-to-day.

Why did you decide to sell through social media?

I started the company during the 2020 pandemic’s quarantine, and continue to use social media to share my work and interact with my clients. I get a lot of sweet messages from people who are excited to see my new creations. The joy and awe that my work creates is something that I didn’t anticipate. It always makes me so happy to get feedback like that!

Photo by NaBrayah Jones


How did you come to focus on cookies? 

I ultimately decided on decorated cookies because I felt like they were versatile for any occasion. Creating art that is edible also tends to add an advantage, because it won’t be wasted or end up in a landfill. Decorated cookies have the duality of being used as decor and favors that transport easily, which is always a plus.

COVID-19 forced you to plan your wedding twice — and, helped inspire this company’s start, yes?

Yes, we were originally set to get married in May 2020 and made the choice to postpone a year later to May 2021. In hindsight, we were very thankful that we postponed, partly because the weather was terrible on our original date. On our rescheduled date, it was literally the most perfect day. It also gave us more time to add more details to our plans. Funneling my creative talents into my wedding and seeing everything come to life was so magical. After our wedding, I really wanted to channel my creative talent into something that I could brand and share, and that’s one of the reasons that I started Pomp + Splendor.


What’s been your favorite cookie to make?

Every time I have a favorite cookie — a new one comes along! I recently had a set where my client asked me to incorporate orchids and coffee. I had no idea how I was going to make the orchids and tie the two themes together, but after a few YouTube videos and some brainstorming, the set came to life and they were gorgeous. Close runners-up right now are an Adele set, and a C-3PO and R2D2 cookie that I did recently.

When you’re not making cookies — do you like to cook or bake other things?

Yes, I love cooking and baking. Pies are probably my second favorite thing to bake after cookies. My husband, Stephen, and I like to travel and when we do, if we eat something that’s tasty, I’ll try to recreate it at home.

How did Stephen react to Pomp + Splendor? 

I think he has a love-hate relationship with Pomp + Splendor. He loves sugar cookies, so when he’s trying to diet, it can be difficult to stay on track when the house smells like fresh-baked cookies all the time! He thought that over time maybe he would get sick of them, but that hasn’t happened yet. 

Does Stephen help with the business?

My husband helps me in so many different ways. There is no way that you can run a side business without a supportive partner. From picking up ingredients to sampling my new cookie flavors, he really does whatever he can to support Pomp + Splendor — and, I am so thankful.

Do you have any hobbies?

I am addicted to my Peloton, love to travel on adventures with my husband and create beautiful things.

Anything that we didn’t ask that you’d like to say?

When I started Pomp + Splendor, I set out to make cookies that looked amazing but also tasted really good, too. More than a thousand cookies later, I’ve realized that Pomp + Splendor is a little more than just cookies. It’s really a unique experience. My clients have the unlimited opportunity to come up with very detailed ideas that can carry a lot of personalization and sentiment. Those ideas then get interpreted by me into edible art. Revealing the final product to my clients is always my favorite part. After the reveal, my clients get to share them with their friends and family, incorporate them into the event decor or surprise someone else with them. Lastly, the cookies get to be devoured! So, it really is a total and personalized experience with a sweet treat to finish.

You can find all things Pomp + Splendor on Instagram and Facebook (napkins are a must when enjoying these drool-worthy snaps!). Those interested in custom cookies should inquire two to three months in advance of their event to ensure availability. Last minute openings, promotions, public classes and private cookie decorating classes for events and parties will pop up on social media, or you can subscribe to the email list. Learn more on Pomp + Splendor by Chrissy’s website.



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Featured photo and all photos courtesy of Pomp + Splendor by Chrissy