Pepperoncini Italian Restaurant

101 W Eagle Road
Havertown, PA 19083

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Pepperoncini Italian Restaurant (BYOB)! This delicious slice of Italy right in the heart of Havertown offers just the right combination of flavor and function to make it a smart choice for any and every occasion.
Chef/owner Tommy, and his partner Dan, will spend as much time chatting and taking care of you as they will making sure you’re well fed. That’s just the way they operate, and the reason why these restaurateurs have garnered such a loyal following. Walking through the door, you’ll immediately smell the unmistakable aroma of the meatballs, a pork and sausage creation simmering for hours in homemade sauce. You’ll also find succulent appetizers, side dishes, and desserts just as alluring. This is a “family” that looks forward to seeing you, feeding you, sharing a laugh, and maybe sneaking you a glass of wine.
Whether you stop by for a scrumptious meal or have them cater your next private function, there’s no appetite Pepperoncini can’t satisfy. With a wide selection of homemade, affordable, authentic Italian food, from antipasta to fresh-out-of-the-water Mediterranean sea bass, chicken parm and everything in between, this eatery is accessible, convenient and just plain good. There’s plenty of free parking too, making it easy to stop in and enjoy your favorites — or discover something new and delightful.